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Safety issues with baby paper diapers velcro

At present, baby special soft Velcro, which kind is used commonly?Everyone knows the baby's skin is more tender, so should choose the material that is softer, does not hurt skin to do auxiliary material, avoid wet baby pants are usually selected is injection hook, injection hook hook type is more exquisite, not stab hands, there are transparent and opaque materials, models have 2 # 3 # 4 #, usually choose 3 # double hook. In open-backed pants use paper diaper, diaper cover etc.But, in the cold winter, the piercing north wind feeds one's body directly from the space between an open crotch, such as paper diaper or diaper cover,  provoked an infant discomfort or catch cold.Healthy growth is a top priority of the infant, therefore, need a does not affect the use of paper diaper or diaper cover ,also can avoid the north wind in the winter from the crotch to fill the human body has a supporter below the infant open-backed pants very necessary, so sew on a hook and a loop, also more convenient in use, gently tear, closed slowly.

Product advantage: Babies and toddlers wear paper diapers in winter, keep warm and defend cold, easy to use, replace simple.

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